Last updated 18-2-2019

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Newsletter 5     ( 28-1-2019 )
In the Premier Division, Grundy Park 1 are six points clear of Allenburys 1 after the latest round of matches.  Grundy Park beat Cheshunt 2 10-0 and although they then beat Grundy Park 2 9-1, Sam Flaum lost his unbeaten record, Jason Flaum overcoming his son in five sets.  Allenburys 1 beat Pramastars 1 10-0 in a double-header and followed that up by beating Cheshunt 2 by the same score.  HRC 1 are third, inflicting another 10-0 defeat on bottom club Pramastars 1 and winning 8-2 at Allenburys 2, Fred Burdett unbeaten on the night. Grundy Park 2 stay fourth, after losing 8-2 to Cheshunt 2 in an evening where four games went to a 5th set, but GP2 lost them all, Alex Morealle winning all three of his games.  Cheshunt 1 are fifth, one point behind having played one match less.
Division 1 is still close, with one point separating HRC 2 and Allenburys 3.  HRC 2 beat Furneux Pelham 10-0 and then drew at Pramastars 2 5-5, nobody unbeaten on the night.  Allenburys 3 won 7-3 at St Andrews and 9-1 at Watton-at–Stone, Colin Holmes getting the solitary point for the home team.  Pramastars 2 are starting to lose touch with the top two, five points behind Allenburys 3.  They were involved in another 5-5 draw, this time against Grundy Park 3, Harbinder Singh again winning all three, and remain one point above their opponents.  St Andrews are fifth, Steve Burton, Ian Coates and Brian Jennings winning 10-0 at Furneux Pelham.  Stanstead Abbotts are having a good first season, Jan Kinsman winning all three in an 8-2 win at Watton-at-Stone.

Current League Tables

Premier Division

Team Played Points
Allenburys 1   11 89
Grundy Park 1   10 88
HRC 1   10 63
Grundy Park 2   11 43
Cheshunt 1   8 40
Allenburys 2   9 38
Cheshunt 2   11 29
PramaStars 1   10 10

Division One

Team Played Points
HRC 2   11 84
Pramastars 2   11 73
Allenburys 3   11 72
Grundy Park 3   11 68
St. Andrews   11 47
Watton-at-Stone   11 35
Stanstead Abbotts PH   11 35
Furneux Pelham   11 26
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3 Outstanding matches as at 18/02/2019
Cheshunt 1   v   HRC 1
Cheshunt 1   v   Allenburys 2
Allenburys 2   v   Grundy Park 1
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