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Newsletter 7     ( 22-3-2019 )
Congratulations to Grundy Park 1 on regaining the Premiership title from Allenburys 1 with still one round of matches to go - three wins for Martin Nash in a 7-3 win at Allenburys 2 was followed by two 10-0 wins over Cheshunt 1 and Pramastars 1 respectively to clinch the league.  Current champions Allenburys 1 dropped vital points against HRC 1 and Cheshunt 1.  Sandy Nash of HRC 1 won all three as HRC 1 lost 6-4 to remain third and Steve Cross did the same for Cheshunt 1 in a 5-5 draw.  Grundy Park 2 are fourth, two points ahead of Allenburys 2 who have a match in hand and the two teams due to play each other.  Pramastars 1 finally won, Colin Fell unbeaten on the night in a 9-1 win over a weakened Cheshunt 1, but still remain bottom.
In Division 1, HRC 2 are eight points clear at the top with one round of matches remaining.  A 10-0 win at Watton-at-Stone was followed by a hard-fought 5-5 draw against Allenburys 3, every player losing at least one match.  Pramastars 2 are second, after two 9-1 wins against Furneux Pelham and St Andrews respectively.  Grundy Park 3 are a further six points behind after beating St Andrews 9-1 and following that up with a 8-2 victory at Watton-at-Stone.  Peter Sweetman of Furneux Pelham won all three including an 11-9 fifth game win against Jan Kinsman of Stanstead Abbotts although Jan & Dick Dixon won the deciding doubles game 11-7 in a 5-5 draw.

Current League Tables

Premier Division

Team Played Points
Grundy Park 1   14 123
Allenburys 1   14 102
HRC 1   14 94
Allenburys 2   14 70
Grundy Park 2   14 59
Cheshunt 1   14 58
Cheshunt 2   14 34
PramaStars 1   14 20

Division One

Team Played Points
HRC 2   14 107
Pramastars 2   14 99
Allenburys 3   14 94
Grundy Park 3   14 87
St. Andrews   14 58
Stanstead Abbotts PH   14 43
Watton-at-Stone   14 39
Furneux Pelham   14 33
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