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Cup Rules ONLY
You can ONLY play for ONE team per cup.   If you play for a team above your registered team, you are ONLY eligible to play for THAT team.  So, if you subsequently play for another team (including your registered team) IN THE SAME COMPETITION, any points you win will NOT count.

Handicap Tournament
Twenty-nine players entered the handicap tournament held at the Cheshunt Club on 9th January.  After a typical chaotic and enjoyable evening the last point was won just before midnight.  Despite both being heavily handicapped, current champion Chris Wade and Fred Burdett met in the final.  Chris defeated Ian Beaumont in his semi-final and Fred saved a match point in an earlier round against Dudu Soulieman and then overcame John Hughes in his semi-final.  Chris just won the first game 21-20 and then took the second to retain his title.
In the doubles, John Hughes capped a busy evening, winning the doubles for a second consecutive year, this time partnering Ian Beaumont to a straight sets victory over James Pugh and Jason Flaum.
My thanks to Jo' Swain for keeping everything running, Faith Frankel for the refreshments and everybody else that turned up, particularly those who volunteered/were pressganged into umpiring.

Divisional Cups
(Creasey Cup & Clifford Troll Trophy & MSD Trophy)

Divisional Cup matches are played in the 1st half of the season; the finals held at ASSC on Mon 3 Feb 2020.   Any queries, contact the match secretary.

Matches are played on a 'Round Robin' basis, each cup's teams divided into 2 pools.
The team in each pool with the highest number contest the final in December.
The number is the sets won, so if you win 5-4 you get 5 points & your opponents get 4.
If points are level after the end of matches, head to head results will count.

    Each game is the best of five sets.
    Each set is the best of 11 points; winning must be by 2 clear points.
    A total of nine wins is available from each match (6 singles, 3 doubles).
    Use this link to download/print scoresheets.

  The Creasey Cup is for Premier Div teams.
  The Clifford Troll Trophy is for Division One teams.
  The MSD Trophy is for Division Two teams.

Newsletter 4
The Premier Division final for the Creasey Cup will be between HRC 1 and Grundy Park 1.  Stanstead Abbotts PH will play Watton-at-Stone in the Division 2 final for the MSD Trophy.
Both matches will be played at Allenburys on MONDAY 3rd FEBRUARY 2020.

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Calendar for Divisional Cups
w/c Mon September 16, 2019
Premier Div - Pool A   Grundy Park 1     8 v Grundy Park 2     1
Premier Div - Pool B   Allenburys 1     1 v HRC 1     8
Div One - Pool A   Peters Bros     2 v Allenburys 2     7
Div One - Pool B   St. Andrews 1     3 v PramaStars 1     6
Div Two - Pool B   Watton-at-Stone     7 v Furneux Pelham     2
w/c Mon October 14, 2019
Premier Div - Pool A   Cheshunt 1     0 v Grundy Park 1     9
Premier Div - Pool B   HRC 2     9 v Allenburys 1     0  
Div One - Pool A   Grundy Park 3 v Peters Bros  
Div One - Pool B   PramaStars 2     5 v St. Andrews 1     4
Div Two - Pool B   Aston     4 v Watton-at-Stone     5
w/c Mon November 11, 2019
Premier Div - Pool A   Grundy Park 2     7 v Cheshunt 1     2
Premier Div - Pool B   HRC 1     9 v HRC 2     0
Div One - Pool A   Allenburys 2 v Grundy Park 3  
Div One - Pool B   PramaStars 1     7 v PramaStars 2     2
Div Two - Pool A   St. Andrews 2     3 v Stanstead Abbotts PH     6
Div Two - Pool B   Furneux Pelham     4 v Aston     5
w/c Mon December 2, 2019
Clifford Troll Trophy   Allenburys 2     7 v PramaStars 1     2  
w/c Mon February 3, 2020
Creasey Cup   Grundy Park 1     4 v HRC 1     5
MSD Trophy   Watton-at-Stone     1 v Stanstead Abbotts PH     8
Divisional Cups Finals Night - at ASSC on Mon 3 Feb 2020
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Handicap Cup
(Hertford Builders Trophy)

The Handicap competition is played in the second half of the season with the finals at ASSC on Mon 6 Apr 2020.   This gives the match secretary the first part of the season to see how everybody is getting on before setting the handicaps and waiting for the inevitable enquiries!

  The Handicap Cup will be played on a KnockOut basis.
  Each individual match is played to the best of 3 games.
  The winner of a game is the first to 21 points (i.e. NOT by 2 clear points).

Peters Bros.
Due to work and personal commitments, Peters Bros. have regrettably withdrawn from Division 1 with immediate effect. As a result, their Handicap Cup matches have been cancelled and therefore Allenburys 2 will automatically get a bye and advance to the next round.

Calendar for Handicap Cup
w/c Mon February 3, 2020
Preliminary Round   Grundy Park 3     1 v St. Andrews 1     8
w/c Mon February 17, 2020
Match 1   Furneux Pelham v Watton-at-Stone
Match 2   St. Andrews 2 v Grundy Park 2
Match 3   St. Andrews 1     7 v Aston     2
Match 4   Stanstead Abbotts PH v Allenburys 1
Match 5   Allenburys 2 v Peters Bros  
Match 6   PramaStars 2 v Grundy Park 1
Match 7   Cheshunt v PramaStars 1
Match 8   HRC 1 v HRC 2
Finals Night - w/c Mon April 6, 2020
  Match 13 winner v Match 14 winner  
Handicap Cup Finals Night - at ASSC on Mon 6 Apr 2020

Handicaps for the 2019-20 season are available HERE.

You can download and print a new scoresheet using the appropriate link above but if you use an old scoresheet, please ensure the name and address at the bottom of the form is the current results secretary:

Colin Bullworthy
13 King Edward Road,
SG12 7EJ

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